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Mount Lavinia Beach

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Mount Lavinia is has a certain feeling to it that’s just hard to put your finger on… In its air, a sense of romance, and warmth tinged with the yellow hues of a setting sun and a drop of nostalgia. Why this is so is anyone’s guess but it may be intertwined with Mt. Lavinia’s history and even be responsible for the events which have taken place here.

The second British Governor of Sri Lanka, Sir Thomas Maitland, bought land in Mt Lavinia and built a residence there in 1806 and came into contact with a young local girl of mixed Portuguese and Sinhalese heritage who was a Mestizo dancer by the name of Lovina Aponsua and fell in love.

It was rather unconventional for such unions to occur in those times and the girl was said to have been smuggled in to his premises to meet him along underground Tunnels which have since been closed upwhich connected to a well in her father’s house. He named the area Mt. Lavinia after his love. He was called back to England in 1811 and lived the rest of his life as a bachelor.

After he left, his official residence was occupied by his successors and eventually it was expanded and converted into the world famous Mt. Lavinia Hotel in 1895. It still stands and is a monument to the colonial legacy left behind in Sri Lanka. It is also captivating due to the controversial romance that took place there centuries ago and enchants the many lovers who come to the location.

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For these reasons Mount Lavinia remains one of the top places chosen for romantic escapades by foreigners and locals Alike. Its famous "Golden mile" of beach attracts many and affronts numerous restaurants and hotels. Not a day goes by when the beach is not crowded in the evenings.


Illustrated hence are the usual sites you can expect when you set foot on the beach. There is a famous three legged dog who dwells with a pack of dogs at the main point of entry and they generally pose no threat to visitors and pets to the beach. Families, Couples entranced in love, Young and Old, Rich and Poor, Sportsmen and joggers can be seen every day along with the local fishermen and beach boys.

A word of warning: There can be unsavoury individuals who can pressure you into departing with sums of money though vicious persuasion so be weary when you indulge suspicious strangers. There are also dodgy places where unscrupulous activities take place so be aware of your surroundings. Other than that relax and take in the unique ambiance and essence of Mt. Lavinia.