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Tamil-Hindu weddings in Sri Lanka

It is not uncommon to mistake Indian weddings with Sri Lankan Hindu weddings owing to their similarities and the general magnitude of the event but we have our own local flavour of traditional variants infused into the ceremony.

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The wedding usually lasts an entire day which can be a daunting task for all involved. As with most Asian traditional ceremonies, the day of the wedding and the timings of various ceremonies are auspiciously based and in the case of Hindu weddings determined by the priest or an astrologer.

A few weeks prior the groom presents a gold coin which is used to fashion the Thaali, a pendant, which is one of the most sacred bridal ornaments worn by the wife as long as her husband lives.

On the day of the wedding, the best man, usually the bride’s brother, along with other family members of the bride, goes to the house of the groom and takes him with him to the wedding hall along with the groom’s relatives.


Once the groom arrives at the hall he is welcome by the bride’s family, where after a welcoming ceremony, he is lead to the seat where the priest will conduct the rest of the ceremony for him and the bride to be.

After purification by the priest and a fertility ritual by married ladies from both families, the bride arrives adorned in her bridal saree, ornate jewellery along with her retinue and takes her seat to the right of the groom.

Then after various recitals and invocations of blessings from deities and nine planets, the deity of fire, Agni, is asked to bear witness of the union along with ancestors of both families. The brides hand is given in marriage to groom and a long process of rituals and blessings then ensues. The ceremony typically lasts 4-5 hours.


At the end of the ceremony the bride and groom are showered with grains of rice which symbolise fertility. The ceremony is concluded on a high note with a great vegetarian feast which usually consists of the six flavours which are believed to be discernible by human taste.

Due to the large number of guests who usually attend the events, they are almost invariably conducted in large halls or spaces. Famous places in Colombo include the Kathiresan and Weeramalayn Halls.

The variegated colours, myriad sounds, plentiful traditional events and great food leaves the senses overwhelmed so if you have never experienced a Sri Lankan Tamil Hindu wedding and get the opportunity to do so, do not miss it.